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Information Security

In 2017 GSE has established a Security Operation Center (SOC-GSE) within Information System Management. SOC-GSE's  mission is to suggest and implement security tactical and technical countermeasures, in order to prevent and protect any violation attempt having an impact for GSE business.
From May 2017, SOC-GSE is a listed security team in Trusted Introducer, a community established by the European CERT community in 2000, to address common needs and build a service infrastructure providing vital support for all security and incident response teams. From September 2017, SOC-GSE is a candidate team to obtain Trusted Introducer Accreditation status.
RFC 2350 SOC-GSE Profile
The attached document contains a description of GSE SOC according to RFC 2350. It provides some basic information about the GSE-SOC, the ways it can be contacted, its duties and the services offered to its constituency.

This page was last updated on 20/10/2017