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Our Activities

renewable sources, energy, purchase, support, resell

Support for renewable electricity
We support electricity generation in almost all of the plants fuelled by renewable sources in Italy, verifying their technical features, qualifying them and managing support schemes in accordance with the applicable legislation

Purchase of electricity from producers & resale in the market
We purchase electricity generated by renewable-energy plants and to be injected into the grid and resell it in the electricity market

Support to institutions and to the Public Administration
We assist institutions in implementing their energy policies, by providing studies, data and consulting services, as well the Public Administration, by supplying specialist services in the energy sector

Promotion of renewables and of the renewable-energy industry
We constantly carry out activities of training & awareness to the benefit of operators of the sector and citizens, in order to spread the culture of sustainable energy

Promotion of energy efficiency and thermal energy
We support interventions for increasing energy efficiency and for the production of thermal energy from renewable sources
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