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HomePlants generating electricity that GSE bids into IPEX

Plants generating electricity that GSE bids into IPEX


Electricity bid into IPEX: 18,643 MWh  (full day)

Electricity metered: 3,542 MWh  (at 4:00)

Maximum capacity metered: 895 MW  (at 4:00)



The diagram shows the electricity that is generated by plants with a capacity equal to or higher than 10 MVA and that GSE bids into IPEX (red curve: actual generation; green curve: forecast generation): i) in compliance with Resolution no. 6 adopted in 1992 by “Comitato Interministeriale Prezzi” (CIP - Interministerial Committee on Prices); and ii) under GSE’s simplified purchase & resale arrangements (ritiro dedicato), referred to in AEEG’s decision 280/07, as subsequently amended and supplemented. The actual generation curve is usually updated 6 times a day, based on telemetered readings made by GSE at 5:00, 7:00, 10:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 16:00, respectively.


CIP-6 plants and GSE’s simplified purchase and resale arrangements 

Plants supported under CIP’s Resolution no. 6 of 1992 consist of: i) schedulable plants (about 90% - reservoir and pondage hydro plants, plants using municipal solid waste, biomass, fossil fuels, process or residual fuels); and i) non-schedulable plants, as defined in the applicable legislation (10%).

Plants with a capacity equal to or higher than 10 MVA using GSE’s service of purchase & resale (ritiro dedicato) generate electricity from intermittent sources. Under AEEG’s Decision 280/07, their generation schedules are prepared by their owners on the basis of forecasts. The schedules are notified to GSE, which submits them into IPEX. Therefore, any deviation between the curve of electricity actually generated and the curve of electricity bid into IPEX may be due, among others, to non-reporting of these schedules to GSE.  


This page was last updated on 23/04/2014