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HomeGas, CO2 and Energy Services

Gas, CO2 and Energy Services

​​​GSE keeps you updated
on the opportunities offered
by new energy sources

Satellite-assisted metering

​Satellite system through which GSE collects different types of data from plants in a direct way

Curtailed wind power generation

​Dispatch command of reduction of generation that Terna gives to wind power plants in order to maintain the security of the power system

Fuel mix and green power offerings

​Mix of primary energy sources used for electricity generation that the selling company discloses to final customers

Virtual gas storage

Since 2011, GSE has been called to make available measures to increase competitiveness in the natural-gas market

CO2 Auctions

Since 2012, GSE has held auctions for the sale of Italian CO2 allowances that Europe’s “big emitters” need to offset their emissions.​​​

Dispatch of renewables

Ancillary services consist in managing electricity injections/withdrawals into/from the transmission grid in a coordinated way…

This page was last updated on 06/02/2014