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Satellite-assisted metering

injections of electricity, metering system, reliability, prediction

With a view to improving the predictability of injections of electricity into the grid by plants using non-schedulable renewable sources, AEEG’s Decision ARG/elt 4/10 entrusted GSE with the task of directly collecting the following data:
• primary source used by the plant;
• instantaneous power of generating units;
• electricity generated.

Therefore, GSE developed a satellite-assisted metering system, which collects primary source and generation data (e.g. energy, real and reactive instantaneous power, wind speed and direction, channel throughput, solar irradiance etc.). To improve their reliability, the data are integrated with those resulting from GSE’s own prediction systems.
The non-schedulable plants covered by the project are about 5,000.

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This page was last updated on 06/03/2012