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Jobs, Careers and Internship

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In identifying the human resources most suited to its requirements, GSE S.p.A. abides by the principles of its Code of Ethics (Italian version):
  • processes of personnel selection, education, training, management and development shall be non-discriminatory and based on merit, competence and professional qualifications (art. 5, Code of Ethics);
  • personnel recruitment, just as all corporate processes, shall be based on impartiality, rigor and transparency (art. 7, Code of Ethics).

The selection processes  managed by GSE comply in all its phases with the regulations in force about discrimination on any ground.
GSE makes available standard web forms to make the submission of CVs and the entry of the related data more efficient. This is the main way to file job applications to GSE.

According to our procedures, information will be considered as valid for one year.
By accessing the personal page, through a username and password, one may change or delete his own profile.



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This page was last updated on 17/04/2014