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GSE in social media

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To us, social networks are an opportunity to constantly track and fine-tune our communication, responding, to the maximum possible extent, to the requirements of all of our stakeholders. Our intent is to evolve our communication practices from merely sharing the contents that we have produced over the years to establishing an “open” dialogue with our users. This is a major paradigm change, which will broaden the scope of our communication activity towards new forms of service to and cooperation with our customers and users. We invite you to actively participate in this process, interacting with us through our channels and also suggesting possible improvements to our communication and information. 



We use the video web channel most popular in the world to share audiovisuals on the big theme of renewables. We plan to rely on this fast and effective channel to post, among others, video guides describing how our applications work. In the future, we will create new downloadable videos to better meet the diversified needs of our customers and users and actively promote the development of renewables.


The Twitter of @gserinnovabili gives quick and immediate information about the services associated with our activities, enabling the development of a network of users around the theme of renewables.




This social network specialises in sharing documents and publications, especially digital magazines. It also comes with useful reading tools that GSE’s website integrates into its pages. Here, you will find all the issues of our “Elementi” magazine.
​To communicate our commitment to sustainable development, we also contribute to the largest knowledge-sharing encyclopaedia. From GSE’s home page, you may go to Wikipedia to retrieve information about our services and improve your understanding of renewable-energy topics.


Document sharing via Slideshare means knowledge networking. We are engaged in sharing the large documentary databases that we have developed over the years, through a process of daily selection and dissemination of topics concerning our mission.
We seek people with specific and unique technical skills to whom we may offer job opportunities.  Thanks to Linkedin, it is now easier to contact networks of people with common skills and interests. It is a precious tool, which may widen the range of activities of interaction, communication and cooperation. 
This page was last updated on 06/02/2014