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Green Certificates (GCs)

IAFR, renewable source, feed in tariff, ownership accounts

Green Certificates (GCs) are tradable instruments that GSE grants to qualified renewable-energy power plants (IAFR qualification) which have been commissioned before 31 December 2012 as per Legislative Decree 28/2011.
The number of certificates issued is proportional to the electricity generated by the plant/system and varies depending on the type of renewable source used and of project (new, reactivated, upgraded, renovated system/plant).

The GC support scheme is based on the legislation which requires producers and importers of non-renewable electricity to inject a minimum quota of renewable electricity into the power system every year.
GCs represent proof of compliance with the renewable quota obligation: each GC is conventionally worth 1 MWh of renewable electricity. GCs are valid for three years: those issued in respect of electricity generation in a given year (reference year) may be used towards compliance with the obligation also in the following two years.
To fulfill their obligation, producers and importers may inject renewable electricity into the grid or purchase an equivalent number of GCs from green electricity producers.

How to obtain GCs

Producers may apply for GCs after qualifying their plants as renewable-energy power plants/systems (IAFR).
Producers whose plants/systems have a yearly average nominal capacity not exceeding 1 MW (0.2 MW for wind power plants/systems), excluding solar ones, may exercise the right of option between GCs and the all-inclusive feed-in tariff.

Upon the first issuing of GCs, GSE opens an ownership account in the name of the producer, where the issued GCs are deposited. GSE tracks the movements of GCs via a dedicated information system. Holders of ownership accounts may access the system after obtaining an appropriate identification code from GSE.
GSE also creates ownership accounts in the name of producers and/or importers subject to the obligation specified in art. 11 of Legislative Decree 79/99 (upon receiving their self-certification concerning the non-renewable electricity that they have generated and/or imported), as well as in the name of parties wishing to trade GCs.
Holders of ownership accounts may - through the Internet – connect to their dedicated area of the information system in order to immediately check the status of and movements in their accounts and enter GC purchase and/or sale transactions.

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