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Guarantee of Origin (GO)

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The Guarantee of Origin (GO) is a voluntary certificate giving evidence of electricity generation from renewables and issued on demand to producers. In Italy, the GO was introduced by Legislative Decree 387/03, implementing Directive 2001/77/EC on promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the internal electricity market. With the GO, producers may demonstrate the origin of the electricity that they sell.
Legislative Decree 28/11, transposing Directive 2009/28/EC, repealed Directive 2001/77/EC and introduced some new provisions concerning the GO.
The new GO (art. 34, Legislative Decree 28/11) has the sole purpose of enabling electricity suppliers to disclose the share of renewable energy in their fuel mix to final customers. The new GO will be issued, transferred and cancelled electronically. An implementing decree will update the procedures regarding the issuing and utilisation of the new GO.

GSE’s role

Prior to issuing the Guarantee of Origin (GO), GSE is required to conduct a procedure of technical identification of plants, as specified in the Decree of the Ministry of Productive Activities of 24 Oct. 2005 (updated guidelines on support for electricity generated from renewables as per art. 11, para. 5, Legislative Decree no. 79 of 16 March 1999).
To this end, GSE developed a specific Technical Procedure. Under art. 11, para. 1 of the above-mentioned decree, the procedure was approved by the Ministry of Economic Development, in consultation with the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea Protection, with its Decree of 21 Dec. 2007 (Gazzetta Ufficiale no. 16 of 19 Jan. 2008, Supplemento Ordinario no.17).
After obtaining the technical identification (“IRGO”) of their plants, operators may – on a yearly basis – ask GSE to issue the GO for their generated electricity. 
To submit the application for technical identification of plants (“IRGO”) and obtain the GO, fill in the application forms in the format shown in the “Documents” section on the right side of this page (italian version).

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