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Qualifications and certificates

​Find out how to qualify your plant
and get the most out of the electricity that you produce

Incentives as per MD of 6 Jul. 2012

​The Ministerial Decree of 6 Jul. 2012 establishes new procedures for supporting electricity generation by RES-E plants (other than photovoltaic ones)..

RES-E (“IAFR”) qualification of plants

​The qualification of a plant powered by renewable sources (IAFR) is a technical recognition, required by law, necessary for the subsequent release of the incentive with the systems of Green Certificates (CV) or Feed in Tariff (TO)

Green Certificates (GCs)

Green certificates are issued by GSE proportionally to the electricity generated by RES-E plants)

Certification of generated/ imported electricity

​GSE verifies the self-certifications of producers and importers of electricity from conventional sources subject to the obligation to inject a given quota of electricity from renewables into the power grid

All-inclusive feed-in tariff

The all-inclusive feed-in tariff is a national scheme applicable to RES-E plants (excluding solar ones) which have a nominal real power of less than 1 MW (200 MW for on-shore wind plants)

High-efficiency CHP and white certificates

​High-efficiency combined heat & power generating units may have access to the white certificates scheme

Guarantee of Origin (GO)

Voluntary certification of electricity generation from renewables

RECS Certificates

RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) certificates give evidence of the use of RES and is supported by the international standard managed by AIB (Association of Issuing Bodies)

Renewable-Energy Certificates of Origin (RECOs)

​Certification (“CO-FER” - RECOs) giving proof of the renewable origin of the sources used by plants qualified for receiving Certificates of Origin (“ICO-FER” qualification)

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