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Certification of generated/ imported electricity

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On a yearly basis, GSE verifies compliance with the obligation specified in article 11 of Legislative Decree 79/99 (quota obligation).

Obliged parties

By 31 March of each year (n), producers and importers of conventional electricity that are subject to the obligation (electricity > 100 GWh) must submit a self-certification of the data that are required to determine: i) the electricity subject to the obligation in respect of generation and/or imports in the previous year (n-1); and ii) the green certificates (GCs) corresponding to the yearly mandatory quota in respect of generation in the year (n-2).

The renewable electricity to be injected into the power system in compliance with the above- mentioned obligation must be generated by RES-E (IAFR) qualified plants.

Exemptions from the obligation are as follows :

  • renewable electricity generated in CHP (co-generation) plants;
  • renewable electricity imported for the reference year 2011, provided that it is certified by Guarantees of Origin issued by an EU Member State or Norway or Switzerland, in accordance with art. 15 of Directive 2009/28/EC;
  • renewable electricity which may count towards the achievement of the national target of 17%, under art. 25 , para. 2 of Legislative Decree 28/2011.

GSE’s role
If producers or importers fail to fulfill their obligation or to submit their data (self-certification), GSE will - under the Ministerial Decree of 24 October 2005 – report them to AEEG, which will impose the penalties specified in art. 4, para. 3 of Legislative Decree  387/03.
The number of GCs to be introduced into the national power system is obtained by multiplying the amount of the generated and/or imported electricity, subject to the obligation and exceeding 100 GWh, by the mandatory quota for the reference year.


From 2013 onwards as provided by Dlg 28/2011, the quota obligation is reduced equal to zero in 2015.


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