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High-efficiency CHP and white certificates

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What is it
Combined heat & power generation (CHP) or co-generation provides significant energy savings compared to separate generation. The criteria for qualifying generating units as high-efficiency CHP are set out in the Ministerial Decree of 4 Aug.  2011, effective from 1 Jan. 2011. This decree completed the transposition of Directive 2004/8/EC, started with Legislative Decree no. 20 of 2007, into the Italian legislation.
Generating units qualified as high-efficiency CHP have access to the Energy Efficiency Certificates (“TEE” or white certificates) scheme, on the terms and conditions and under the procedures specified in the Ministerial Decree of 5 Sept. 2011.

GSE’s role

GSE carries out the following activities:

  • qualifying high-efficiency CHP plants
  • determining the number of white certificates to be issued to high-efficiency CHP qualified units whose owners have applied for  this  form of support
  • buying back white certificates - in response to a request made by a producer - at a price equal to the one applicable on the date of commissioning of the unit (or on the date of entry into force of the Ministerial Decree of 5 Sept. 2011 in the case of units already in operation);
  • carrying out activities of verification and monitoring of the supported plants and notifying the Ministry of Economic Development and the producer of their outcome;
  • issuing the Guarantee of Origin of electricity from high-efficiency co-generation (CHP-GO) in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 20 of 2007 

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