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Net Metering

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Since 1 Jan. 2009, AEEG (Decision ARG/elt 74/08, as subsequently amended and supplemented by Decision ARG/elt 186/09) has assigned to GSE the management of the net metering service (scambio sul posto). This service is activated at the request of interested parties. Under the service, the electricity generated by a consumer/producer in an eligible on-site plant and injected into the grid can be used to offset the electricity withdrawn from the grid. GSE pays a contribution to the customer based on injections and withdrawals of electricity in a given calendar year and on their respective market values.
Under AEEG’s Decision ARG/elt 74/08, GSE has the role of managing net metering and paying the related contribution, which covers part of the charges incurred by the customer for withdrawing electricity from the grid. GSE determines the contribution taking into account: the characteristics of the plant, the contractual conditions between the customer and his/her supplier and  the data that grid operators and suppliers are required to periodically report to GSE. To know more about the calculation of the net metering contribution, refer to AEEG’s Decision ARG/elt 74/08.
Eligible plants

Owners of one of more of the following plants may apply for the net metering service:
• RES-E plants with a capacity of up to 20 kW;
• RES-E plants with a capacity of up to 200 kW (commissioned after 31 Dec. 2007);
• high-efficiency CHP plants  with a capacity of up to 200 kW.
How to apply for the service

Producers/consumers wishing to subscribe to the net metering service must submit an application through GSE’s IT portal within 60 days from the date of commissioning of the plant, and then sign an agreement with GSE. The agreement, covering one calendar day, may be tacitly renewed. Producers/consumers who have subscribed to net metering must use the IT portal also for subsequent technical, economic and administrative procedures.
Compatibility with other support scheme

Net metering is not compatible with the simplified purchase & resale arrangements (ritiro dedicato) and with the all-inclusive feed-in tariff (tariffa onnicomprensiva). 


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