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Simplified Purchase and Resale Arrangements

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GSE has offered simplified purchase & resale arrangements (ritiro dedicato) to small producers since 1 January 2008.
Under these arrangements (AEEG's Decision 280/07), producers sell the electricity generated and to be injected into the grid to GSE, instead of selling it through bilateral contracts or directly on IPEX.
An agreement is entered between the producer and GSE, whereby GSE:
  • purchases and resells the electricity to be fed into the grid at the zonal price or at a minimum guaranteed price;
  • on behalf of the producer, transfers the fees for the use of the grid (dispatch and transmission fees) to distributors and to the TSO.
Eligible parties
Producers with:
  • plants having a nominal apparent power of less than 10 MVA: RES plants or hybrid plants for the portion of electricity generated from RES;
  • plants of any capacity using the following RES
  • wind;
  • solar;
  • geothermal;
  • waves;
  • tides;
  • hydro (run-of-river only);
  • plants with a nominal apparent power of less than 10 MVA: non-RES plants or hybrid plants for the portion of electricity generated from non-RES;
  • plants having a nominal apparent power greater than or equal to 10 MVA: plants using RES other than wind, solar, geothermal, waves, tides and hydro (run-of-river only), provided that they are owned by a self-producer (as defined in article 2, para. 2, Legislative Decree 79/99).

How to apply for the service
A producer wishing to subscribe to the service must file an application with GSE - through the appropriate IT portal - within 60 days from the date of commissioning of the plant.  If the application is accepted, the producer will enter into an agreement with GSE.
Guaranteed minimum prices

The price applied to the electricity purchased by GSE and injected into the grid is the "average zonal price",  i.e. the average monthly price per hourly band which is set on IPEX for the market area to which the plant is connected.
Producers with small-sized plants (with a nominal electrical capacity of up to 1 MW) benefit from “guaranteed minimum prices” for the first 2 million kWh per year and they may get more if the hourly zonal prices prove to be more advantageous. The guaranteed minimum prices are updated annually by AEEG. At the end of each year, GSE makes adjustments for plants in respect of which the revenue associated with the hourly zonal prices proves to be higher than the one resulting from the application of the minimum guaranteed prices.
Compatibility with other support schemes
The simplified purchase & resale arrangements are not compatible with net metering (scambio sul posto) and with the all-inclusive feed-in tariff.


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