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GSE's commitment

new generations, development, corporate social responsability

​To our company, sustainability means a better future for new generations, which may reconcile economic growth, employment and well-being. It means always bearing in mind the needs of customers and their satisfaction, the sensitivity and development of persons and the protection of land and the environment in our activities. It means strengthening our responsibility to entertain transparent relations with our stakeholders and all of our counterparts.

Sustainability is an integral part of our activity and the engine of our continuous improvement and growth process.

Acting ethically and responsibly permeates every aspect of our institutional role. This is why we have adopted an organisational model which balances our financial and economic growth targets with sustainability and corporate social responsibility attitudes and practices. 
We work to promote sustainable development by qualifying plants, granting incentives for electricity generation from renewables and conducting awareness actions among operators of the sector, companies and the public at large. To do this, we place the development of persons at the core of our work, guiding their behaviours towards respect for and attention to safety, security and needs of communities.
Our day-to-day commitment is raising awareness of environmentally-sustainable energy use, hoping to help improve the future of all.

This page was last updated on 16/03/2012