The fight against climate changes is one of the themes at the basis of our corporate mission and actions.

We face this challenge through specific business activities, as well as activities devoted to the promotion and development of renewable sources and energy efficiency in Italy. GSE’s activities and relevant impacts can contribute in achieving the goals and measures established by the National Sustainable Development Strategy 2017/2030 (NSDS). Our goal is to give an important contribution in the achievement of the European energy targets.

In 2015, GSE undersigned the United Nations’ Call to Climate Action. This document spurred the Countries participating in the United Nations’ 21st Conference in Paris on climate changes (link to the conference in Paris) to sign an agreement in favour of environmental sustainability. By undersigning the call, we undertook to support and encourage specific actions in favour of climate, contributing in limiting the increase of global temperature by reducing CO2 emissions.

Aware that our vision is characterized by environmental responsibility, we base our internal energy rationalization activity on preventive analyses, on a constant monitoring of consumptions and on awareness initiatives. These key tools help us identify the areas of environmental improvement on which to intervene with more targeted and effective actions.


Green Purchasing

Our purchases are oriented to products and services with a reduced environmental impact, with particular reference to the supply of stationary, furniture and furnishings, electrical equipment

Vital Energy

An agreement for the supply of electricity generated entirely from renewable sources, installation of plants fuelled by renewable sources for a self-production of electricity and thermal energy

Energy Efficiency

Management optimization of the existing plants and equipment Installation of new plants that are more performing and with reduced energy consumption


Reduction in the use of paper by developing IT dematerialization platforms

Sustainable Mobility

Promotion of local public transport used by employees

Separate Waste Collection

Separate waste collection at premises


Our actions aimed at reducing energy consumption keep into consideration relevant aspects connected to the protection of the environment and resources, paying particular attention to costs.

Therefore, we installed two plants, at our headquarters, powered by renewable sources for the production of electricity and thermal energy. This has allowed to save energy every year for a corresponding amount of about 600 barrels of oil.

Out of the total energy purchased by GSE in 2016, 33% was generated by renewable sources.

In particular, to meet the premises’ needs for heating and cooling, more than 60% of the energy used was from renewables (about 927 MWh).

Since 2015 we have been purchasing the electricity consumed at our premises directly in the wholesale electricity market; this has allowed an about 10% saving on supply costs.



With reference to the direct emissions of power units, the entry into function of the plant located at our premises at Viale Maresciallo Pilsudski, 124 caused a slight increase compared to 2015. However, thanks to a decrease in emissions from the use of cars, the overall datum results lower compared to 2015.

Indirect CO2 emissions for purchasing electricity Indirect CO2 emissions for mobility
2206 tons in 2017;
2080 tons in 2016
161 tons in 2017;
58 tons in 2016

With the aim to reduce the indirect gas emissions in the atmosphere, we encourage our employees to move by train or, in case of short-distance business trips, by using the corporate hybrid car fuelled by gasoline/methane.

This led to a significant improvement in 2016 in terms of CO2 emissions avoided compared to 2015. In fact, according to estimates, 58.44 tons of CO2 were emitted in the atmosphere due to mobility, whereas the previous year emissions amounted to 96 tons, recording a significant drop of emissions in transport (-28%).