The data related to Internet surfing, acquired implicitly during the normal use of the site, are utilized for the sole purpose to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the site and to control its correct functioning.

The discretionary, explicit and voluntary forwarding of e-mails to the addresses indicated on this site entail the subsequent acquisition of the sender's address, necessary to answer to possible requests, and of the Data contained in the letter.



Cookies are text files that contain information which is memorized on the visitor's computer every time the latter visits a site through a browser.

Cookies enable sites to memorize information so as to enable the user to surf on them in a simple and quick manner.

GSE's Internet website utilizes only “technical" cookies, that can be utilized without requesting the user's consent, because they are strictly necessary for the supply of the service.

Technical cookies do not withhold any personal information, nor is any information used for profiling and tracing users.

In the areas of the site reserved to services to users, the so-called "session cookies" are utilized, which are not memorized in a persistent manner on the user's computer and disappear when closing the browser. This use is strictly limited to the transmission of information on the session, made up of casual numbers generated by the server, necessary to allow the secure and efficient exploration of the site.