Some of the topics covered by our studies are: costs of technologies; impacts of the development of renewables on the economy, employment and environment; data on energy consumption and forecasts of energy production and consumption. Among our main studies:

  • Progress reports on renewable energies
  • The potential of high performance cogeneration
  • Analysis of the effects produced by the development of renewable energy sources on the economy and employment
  • Monitoring of production costs from renewable sources
  • Monitoring of regional regulatory frameworks


The processing of statistical analyses concerning the energy system is fundamental in order to acquire knowledge and understanding of the dynamics related to the development and diffusion of renewable sources in Italy and to verify the level of achievement of long-term sustainability goals. Also for this reason, since 2009 GSE has been a member of the National Statistical System (SISTAN - Sistema Statistico Nazionale), the network of public and private subjects appointed to provide the Country and international organisms with official statistical information. In particular, GSE is responsible for producing official statistical data in Italy on:

  • thermal energy from all renewable sources (solar, geothermal, biomass, heat pumps; district heating/derived heat);
  • the introduction of biofuels in consumption (transportation sector).

Moreover, GSE in collaboration with TERNA conducts an annual statistical survey on electricity production and consumption, providing data on the photovoltaic sector.


The Public Administration is obliged to promote initiatives that foster energy efficiency and sustainability, defining regeneration programmes and intervention plans for plants and buildings. GSE’s task is to support the public sector in this complicated path. By providing technical collaboration as well as training and informative projects for the PA, our aim is to quicken the transition toward a more energy efficient building industry.


The Control Room is a tool created by the State aimed at coordinating measures and interventions for improving the energy efficiency of the Public Administration’s buildings on the basis of the Energy Regeneration Programme of the Central Public Administration Buildings (PREPAC – Programma di riqualificazione energetica degli edifice della pubblica amministrazione centrale).

The Control Room is composed of representatives from MiSE (Ministry of Economic Development) and MATTM (Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea). We are involved in the project by providing our technical support in collaboration with Enea (the national agency for the development of new technologies, energy and sustainable economy).

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 we provided our technical support to MiSE with reference to the submission of project proposals for accessing the programme. Out of the 89 projects proposed (for a total expenditure of €100mln Euros requested from the proposing PAs), we evaluated 34 projects for an expenditure equal to about €80mln.