To rebuild starting from environmental sustainabilityenergy efficiencyand renewable sources

This is the aim of the Project “Maestri di mestieri” ("Masters of Jobs") - The protagonists of the project – High School students in the 4th and 5th year at the Liceo Scientifico in Amatrice - had the opportunity to follow lessons on environmental sustainability. 

And who were the professors? GSE’s officials. They held a series of lessons on the functioning of plants fuelled by renewable sources, on energy efficiency and more in general environmental sustainability. 

The lessons concluded with guiding interventions related to the labour market in the energy sector. In fact, “Maestri di mestieri” falls within the broader project involving School-Work Alternation, owing to which students got the opportunity to visit GSE’s premises, the trading room, the large photovoltaic plant and the server farm, Amatrice’s students were also spurred to design a photovoltaic shelter prototype capable of charging electric bicycles. 

The project presented to the High School in Amatrice was extended also to the students of the "High School E. Fermi” in Lecce