Not only energy efficiency. Environmental sustainability can be viewed in different ways, among which social inclusion. This is the path along which GSE has set out with the Sardinian Municipality of Porto Torres (in the province of Sassari). In fact, the two signed a memorandum of understanding on 27 July 2017. The agreement will allow 100 needy families to install a photovoltaic plant (power below 20 kW) on their rooftops, enabling families to save about 200 Euros a year on their power bill. The Municipality will invest 500 thousand Euros in two years through a revolving fund that will then be supported by the sale of solar electricity to the grid. The Municipality will also select the families entitled to benefit from the initiative, while GSE will carry out all which is necessary to enhance the energy produced by the plants through Net-metering. The gratuitous loan relationship on the basis of which families will receive the free photovoltaic panels will last 9 years, renewable for another 9 and then a final 7. In all, not more than 25 years. Families will benefit from the Net-metering (about 200 Euros a year), while the surplus obtained from selling the energy to the electricity grid will go to the revolving fund activated by the Municipality of Porto Torres, so that also other families can benefit from the initiative.